1802 (46) 6502 (2) 65816 (1) 6800 (1) 6809 (2) 8080 (2) ASM80 (15) AliExpress (1) Altera (1) Arduino (2) Breakout (1) C64 (1) CDP (1) COSMAC (1) Commodore (1) FPGA (1) JavaScript (1) Kit (1) Module (34) Motorola (1) PCB (1) RSS (819) RaspberryPi (1) Sinclair (1) TinyBASIC (1) Tools (1) Xilinx (1) Z80 (4) ZX Spectrum (3) assembler (4) emulator (2) loader (3)

 1802 (46)

Video Games In As Few Dimensions As Possible
App note: Duty cycle and power optimization
Kansas City Maker Faire: Lawn da Vinci is the Droid You’re Looking For
Case Modding The Old School Way
3D Printed Diffuser Lights Up This Magnifier
Hackaday Prize Entry: Measuring 3D Magnetic Fields
Hackaday Prize Entry: Linear Stepper Motors
Retrotechtacular: The US Air Force Has The Biggest Fleet
Baby Monitor Rebuild is also ESP8266 Audio Streaming How-To
The Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module Is On Its Way
A Grounded Option for the Jet-Setting Homebody
Perovskite Solar: Coming Soon?
Code Craft – Embedding C++: Multitasking
4-wire resistance measurement (Kelvin connection)
DiXi – arduino sam D11 usb stick
What Is Home Automation?
4 Channel RF Remote Controller
45-Year Old Nixie Calculator Turned UDP Server
Ask Hackaday: Does Apple Know Jack About Headphones?
Two Great Radios Taste Great Together
Arduino-compatible touch-enabled display shield from FTDI
This Motorless Pull-Behind Mower is Made From Junk
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Simple CNC
Ham Antenna Rises to the Occasion
Hacker-Friendly SBCs: Which ones?
LEGO Monowheel Corners Like It’s On Rails
Government Drones to Toss M&Ms to Prarie Dogs
Omniblox – Eagle BRD 3D viewer
How to Measure the Extremely Small: Atomic Mass
Controlling Bus Pirate with Python
Microcontrollers now substitute for CPUs
Learn Resin Casting Techniques: Cold Casting
A Drone Photosphere is Worth 4000 Times Pi Words
9 VDC Regulated Power Supply
Easy Pulse mikro – MikroBus form factor pulse sensor
Berkeley Lab makes graphene-MoS2 transistor
LCD 16×2 Interface with Raspberry Pi
Arduino + Thermocouple + Nokia 5110 LCD
Riding Shotgun In The Apollo 12 Lunar Lander
Nirvana Like You’ve Never Heard Them Before
Hackaday Prize Entry: The World’s First Tampon Monitor
Lightweight Game Console Packs a Punch
In Bed With an Arduino, Fighting Sleep Apnea
Highlights From Robotic Shipwreck Exploration
The Texas Instruments TMX 1795: the (almost) first, forgotten microprocessor
CDP1802 in JavaScript

 6502 (2)

Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…
C64 emulator on Arduino?

 65816 (1)

Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…

 6800 (1)

Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…

 6809 (2)

Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…
Online assembler for 6809

 8080 (2)

TinyBASIC on 8080 emulator on Arduino
Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…

 ASM80 (15)

ASM80: New features in April
ASM80: Debugging stuff
ASM80: New directives, some fixes, new login system
Assembler toolkit
Generic Emulators for ASM80.com
Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…
ASM80 news: Breakpoints
An introduction to ASM80
Asm80.com as a standalone Windows command-line tool
8080, 6502, 6809 and Z80 assembler as a HTML page
ASM80 description
Online assembler for 6809
Motorola MC6809 microprocessor emulator in JS
Intel 8080 emulator in JavaScript
Online assembler / IDE for old CPUs

 AliExpress (1)

A lot of cool modules and sensors…

 Altera (1)

Cheap FPGA dev boards

 Arduino (2)

TinyBASIC on 8080 emulator on Arduino
C64 emulator on Arduino?

 Breakout (1)

A lot of cool modules and sensors…

 C64 (1)

C64 emulator on Arduino?

 CDP (1)

CDP1802 in JavaScript


CDP1802 in JavaScript

 Commodore (1)

C64 emulator on Arduino?

 FPGA (1)

Cheap FPGA dev boards

 JavaScript (1)

CDP1802 in JavaScript

 Kit (1)

A lot of cool modules and sensors…

 Module (34)

SenseAir CO2 Sensor S8 LP
Clock / Thermometer Kit
2x Barcode / QR code Scanner Modules
NDIR CO2 Sensor
Laser Range Sensor VL6180
STM32F746IGT6 dev board
Zigbee CC Debugger
USB Zigbee Transceiver
Arduino Nano + Expansion Board
Bluetooth Audio Receiver
XY plotter kit
Mini lathe, milling, drilling, sawing and sanding machine (+video review)
Let your kids experiment!
Choose the best ESP32 for you!
Micro Hydro Generator
DIY Kit – LED Clock
NVIDIA Jetson Nano
Salt Water Powered Toys
Transistor Tester Kit
Voice Controlled LED Clock Kit
DIY Game Console
10 Useful Arduino Shields
Raspberry Pi 4 model B starter kits
SNES Controller Set
Wireless Keyboard with Retro Feeling
ZigBee module with UART
PCB Terminal Connector
OTTO Robot Kit
Arduino UNO R3 + WiFi
IC Sockets square / round hole
IC Sockets ZIF
3D Printer TRONXY XY-2 PRO
A lot of cool modules and sensors…

 Motorola (1)

Online assembler for 6809

 PCB (1)

Bye bye, BatchPCB

 RSS (819)

Tiny-TS: Just How Small Can A Playable Synethesiser Get?
The Nest: Album Release Hidden In A Rock
Speed Run [James Bruton’s] Star Wars Builds
Christmas Lights Done the Hard Way
Retrotechtacular: The Incredible Machine
Don’t Leave 3D Printers Unattended – They Can Catch Fire
Building an IoT Drill Press for Reasons Unknown
Sporty Cars Making Fake Engine Noise
Fripon is French for Meteorite Hunting
Thwomp Drops Brick on Retro Gaming
Black Magic Probe: The Best ARM JTAG Debugger?
NixieBot Films Your Tweets
Lighthouse Locates Drone; Achieves Autonomous Battery Swap
Build Your Own YouTube Play Button
Quick Arduino Hack Lets Tach-less Car Display Shift Points
3D Printed R/C Lifeboat
The Most Flexible Synthesizer is DIY, Raspberry Pi
Mintomat: An Overcomplicated Gumball Machine
Open Source Pancakes
Floating Walking Robot
Levitating Table Makes the Sound of This Holochess Jukebox
Sinclair I/O Board Completed Over 30 Years Later
Make Your Eyes Louder With Bluetooth Speaker Goggles
3D Printed Moon Phase Clock
Vintage Tube Radio Restorations
Bot Wars: A Collateral Gift of the Automation Revolution
Another Kind of Cloud: The Internet of Farts
Make Water Bridges With High Voltages
Fun with Fire: Oxy-Acetylene Basics
Arduino with a… PIC?
Vote With Your Feet
Crack Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Bang Bang Passwords
1MHz, 2 Boards, 4 Bits and a Homebrew CPU
Anti-Drone Fence: Science or Snakeoil?
NASA Puts its 3D Models Up on GitHub
DIY I2C Devices with ATtiny85
Pi Zero Powered Skateboard
Ultra Simple Magnetic Levitator
VR Feels More Real with Leap Motion and This Rotation Sensor
HFSat and The All-HF Amateur Radio Satellite Transponder
LED Matrix Shades You Can Actually See Though
Web Matrix Control Proves Power of ESP8266
Making VR A Little More Usable With A Pinch Gesture Ring
Primer on Servos Hits All the Basics
Protecting Your Home Against Potato Invaders
The Pumpkin Noti-Fire
One Home Made NES To Rule Them All
Etching Your Own Metal
Building The Brightest Light Sabre In The World
Toyota’s Code Didn’t Meet Standards and Might Have Led To Death
How to Make a Human Crossbow
Trio of Magnetrons Power a Microwave Rifle
3D Print An Enigma Machine That’s Close To The Real Thing
How To Find, Buy, And Renovate A Titan II Missile Silo
Scissors Make Great Automatic Cable Cutters
Monstrous Suit of Power Armor 3D Printed over 140 Days
A Vintage Single Transistor LED Blinker
Finding A Use For Surplus Filament Spools
Not Just Another Alarm Clock
Running LISP on an ESP8266
Hackathon Alert: Clean Tech At TVCoG
NextThingCo Introduces C.H.I.P. Pro, GR8 System On Module
Three of our Favorite Hackers
A Completely Open Microcontroller
Two Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do
Design and Testing of the Form 2
Fail of the Week: Power Wheels Racing Series
How To Become Part Of An IoT Botnet
Transmitting Analog TV, Digitally
Custom Keyboard Makes the Case for Concrete
Scanning Parts Into KiCad
Conductive Paint Turns Pizza Box Into DJ Mixing Station
When LEGO Flies
Amazon Offers $2.5M To Make Alexa Your Friend
3D Printing A Stop Motion Animation
Songbird, A Mostly 3D Printed Pistol That Appears To Actually Work
Hackaday Prize Entry: Under Cabinet LED Lighting Controller
A Real Turn Off
Line Follower with No Arduino
New Part Day: Wireless BeagleBones On A Chip
3D Printed Acoustic Holograms: Totally Cool, Not Totally Useless
Ghetto Ribbon Connector
Putting Sand, Water, and Metal into A 3D Print
The Hackaday Prize: An Open Electric Wheelchair
Shop Made Squareness Comparator
Restoring a vintage Xerox Alto day 8: it boots!
Reverse engineering a server CPU voltage regulator module
Electronic Message In a Bottle
Ig Nobel Prizes: GoatMan, Volkswagen, and the Personalities of Rocks
Hackaday Prize Entry: Raspberry Pi Thermal Imaging
Hackaday Links: September 25, 2016
Air-Powered Top Only Possible on a 3D Printer
Sending Music Long Distance Using A Laser
Sonicare toothbrush teardown: microcontroller, H bridge, and inductive charging
Rubidium Disciplined Real Time Clock
Catching Lightning With High Voltages And A Kite
Solenoid Engine with Woodworking Chops
Hackaday Prize Entry: Theia IoT light-switch
Cute but Serious-Faced Automata Produce a Pour Over
Pressure Plate LED Coasters!
Colorful Display Keeps Track of Your Network
Hacklet 126 – Teensy Projects
Artificial Skylight Brings Sunlight To Any Room
Now is the Golden Age of Artisanal, Non-Traditional Tube Amps
See a Cheap Smoker get an Automation Power Up
Hackaday Prize Entry: Catch The IMSI Catchers
Home-made Adjustable Knife Jig
From Audio, To 3D Printed Sculpture, And Back Again
Smart Watch Hack Lets You Use Your 3.5mm Headphones With An iPhone 7
The Arduino Sleeps with the Fishes
Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle, Part 2
Join Hackaday For an NYC Meetup
Finding ESP8266 Inside Big-Box Store IoT Plugs
Web Bluetooth: The New Hotness and Its Dangers
Building Pneumatic Actuators With 3D Printed Molds
World’s Biggest, Most Useless AI Machine
Hackaday Prize Entry: Dodo 6502 Game System
Electric Train Demonstrator
Manufacturing in China – What you should know
Scratch-Built EV From Hoverboards
Hi-Tech Tool For Measuring Your Kid’s Height
Canary Island Team Wins World Robotic Sailing 2016
Making A PCB in Everything: Eagle, Part 1
My Take on Assistive Tech for the Hackaday Prize
Restoring YC's Xerox Alto day 7: experiments with disk and Ethernet emulators
How To Drill A Curved Hole
Hacker Places To Visit: Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris
Arduino Sketch: The Next Generation
Want To Wake Up In A Ship’s Warp Core? Circadia Sunrise Clock Makes it So
Hackaday Prize Entry: LipSync, Smartphone Access For Quadriplegic People
Brushless HDD Motor Driver from 9V and Painter’s Tape
Copper Thermite Explodes and Smolders Successfully
Anger Release Machine Is Built To Break
Forgot to mention SARGON 4 as part of my chess program overview…
Creating A PCB In Everything: Introduction
How to Run a Pagekite Server to Expose Your Raspberry Pi
Panel Meter-To-Bluetooth Hack Hijacks The Display Segments
5 More SuperCon Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss
Hackspace Websites And The Great Software Trap
Arduino Detects Pants on Fire
Here’s the Turbocharged BBQ Grill You’ve Been Waiting For
Hackaday Prize Entry: The Internet Of Meat
Arcade Button Pressing Game
Classing Up a RetroPie Arcade With a Wine Barrel
How to run C programs on the BeagleBone’s PRU microcontrollers
LEGO Looper Makes Modular Music
MakerBot Releases Their 6th Generation Of 3D Printers
Expose your Raspberry Pi on Any Network
How to run C programs on the BeagleBone's PRU microcontrollers
RC Drag Racing Christmas Tree and Speed Trap
Ask Hackaday: Help Me Choose A ‘Scope
nRF51822 based fitness trackers
Absolute 3D Tracking With EM Fields
An ESP8266 in Every Light Switch and Outlet
Hackaday Prize Entry: Mouse Controlled Microscope
Video: Talk MIDI with the Bus Pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day
The Cicada: A Parasite Art Piece With Commitment Issues
Thermoelectric Dry Ice Generator Does Not Work (Yet)
“Smilemachine” Helmet is a Delightful Mixture of Tech
Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes US House
Grinding Gears: Figuring Out The Ratio
Real-Life Space Invaders with Drones and Lasers
When you need multiple analog inputs for your ESP8266 application
Preparing Your Product For The FCC
New Part Day: A Truly Secure Workstation
Real, Life-Sized Transformers
Hackaday Prize Entry: Text To Speech The Hard Way
A Robotic 808 Drum Machine
Hackaday Links: September 18, 2016
Spectrum Analyzer With 555 Fits In A Tin
LVL1 Hackerspace Builds A DOOMcano
555 timer teardown: inside the world's most popular IC
Forge Your Own Neon Signs With EL Wire
Clustering A Lot Of Raspberry Pi Zeros
Vacuum Exposure Unit Gives Better PCB Etching Results
High Impedance Headphones? They’re In The Can!
Hackaday Prize Entry: AutoFan Saves Tired Drivers With Face Recognition
Chair Dances Like No One Is Watching
Possible Fire Hazard: Wanhao “Recalls” Duplicator i3 3D Printer
[Geohot] Selling His “Self-Driving” Car Tech for $1k by New Year
Ask Hackaday: Are Gaming PCs Hard to Build?
Portable Workbench Crams An Entire Workspace Into One Box
Hacklet 125 – DIY Laptops
Drone Flys 12 cm on Wireless Power
Drone Flies 12 cm on Wireless Power
Wilderness Radio Build
Hackaday Prize Entry: High End Preamps
High Performance Crystal Radio
Smartphone TV Remote Courtesy of Homekit and ESP8266
Waste Shark Aims To Clean Our Harbours And Oceans
Retrotechtacular: Railroads In The Jet Age
A Better Way to Measure Your Impact on the World
RC Car Piloting with the Blast Shield Down
Resistance in Motion: What You Should Know About Variable Resistors
Capcom CPS2 security programming guide
Grand Theft Auto V Used To Teach Self-Driving AI
A New OS For Apple II Computers
Hackaday Prize Entry: Neopixel Pocket Watch
Yet Another Inductance Measuring Scheme
Tiny House Forecasts Weather
Desuiciding Capcom Arcade Boards
The Surprising Story Of The First Microprocessors
Restoring YC's Xerox Alto: how our boot disk was trashed with random data
3D Printering: Aramid and Carbon Fiber Infused ABS
Custom Gaming Keypad Developed with PSoC and Fusion 360
Experimenting with MAX6955
ESP32 Hands-On: Awesome Promise
Open Hardware RC Radios
Retro-Soviet Computer Brings The 80s Back
Hackaday Prize Entry: Environmental Regulation
Mega-Plate Petri-Dish Let’s You Watch The Evolution Of Bacteria
Adding ADC to Microcontrollers without ADC
3D Printed Door Latch has One Moving Part – Itself!
Robotic Arm from Cardboard
MIT Researchers Can Read Closed Books (and defeat CAPTCHA)
Optimizing the Spread: More Spreadsheet Circuit Design Tricks
Hacking a Dollar Store Bluetooth Device
Wanhao Duplicator i3 Should Put an End to “Cheapest Printer” Kickstarters
Staring at the Sun: Erasing an EPROM
Furuta Style Inverted Pendulum Is King of Geek Desk Ornaments
Hackaday Prize Entry: The Internet Of Garbage
Complex, Beautiful Device is Limited to Text-speak and Cat Pictures (WTF, LOL)
MicroLisp, Lisp For The AVR
CO2, temperature and humidity monitor
Lifting The Secret Of The Wooden Rings
Review: The National Museum Of Computing
Bewegungsfelder Is A Wireless IMU Motion Capturing System
The Bootup Guide to Homebrew Two-Stage Tentacle Mechanisms
Ultrasonic Anemometer
The USB Killer Now Has Commercial Competition
Automate Git and Upgrade Your Battle Station With a Custom Peripheral
Hackaday Prize Entry: Alarm Detection For The Hearing Impaired
New ESP8266 board
Diodes With Hats: Zener and Schottky
Build Your Own Import Variable Lab Bench Power Supply
Wazer: The Waterjet For Your Garage
Licorice Launcher Locks on to Your Voice
Decapsulation Reveals Fake Chips
Restoring YCombinator's Xerox Alto day 6: A failed chip fixed and data from disk
Take Your PCBs from Good to Great: Toner Transfer
Get Your Ticket to SuperCon, the Greatest Hardware Creation Con
Path to Craftsmanship: The Art of Being Wrong
Sewbo Robot Sews Up Automated Garment Manufacturing
Super-small Robotic Joints Don’t Exist? They Do Now!
Hackaday Prize Entry: Aesthetic As Hell
“Nixie” Tubes Sound Good
Hackaday Links: September 11, 2016
Building An Electric Longboard From Scratch
This EAGLE Script Gets Quotes For Your Boards
Simple Clock from Tiny Chip
A Motorcycle Lift From A Trailer Jack
SNES Micro Is A Pi Z Of Art
Hackaday Prize Entry: Autonomous Kayaks
3D Printing School of Knocks
Raspberry Pi Plays All That Jazz
A 3D Printed Camera (Including The Lens)
Hacklet 124 Running Robots and The Claw
Careful Crafting Makes DIY 7-Segment Display Shine
Giant-Scale Physical Pong
Bring Doping, Mirofluidics, Photovoltaics, and More Into the Home
An Arduino Terminal
Hackaday Prize Entry: Characterizing LED and Laser Diodes
Landscape Lighting that Also Texts
VW Engineer Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy
NES Zapper: Improved with Lasers
Books You Should Read: Poorly Made In China
Very Simple PC Frequency Counter Works Up To 100MHz
Life On Contract: Estimating Project Time
Raspberry Pi Radio Streaming Service Guts Yamaha Shelf System
Overhauling The ESP8266’s Flash Memory Handling
Hackaday Prize Entry: Boots And Cats And Boots And Cats
Cityscape Infinity Table
31415926 (That’s roughly Π times 10 million Raspberries)
Reverse Engineering and Networking The A/C Remote Control
Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy A Fake MacBook Charger. Number Eight Will Shock You.
Review: The RC2014 Z80 Computer
Nexmon Turns Nexus 5 (and RPi3!) Into WiFi Toolkit
Megasquirting My 1983 Datsun Z
Teardown of a Static fieldmeter
Safely Remove Drill Chuck; Receive Motor, Gearbox, and Clutch
Ducklings Raised by Remote
Hackaday Prize Entry: An Electric Bike And A Dashboard
Soft Robot With Microfluidic Logic Circuit
Water-Cooled LED Light
Tracking Airplanes From An Autonomous Boat
Amazing Meccano Pinball Machine Fully Functional Before Meeting Its Fate
3D Printering: XT-CF20 Carbon Fiber Filament Review
Lacking safety features, cheap MacBook chargers create big sparks
PRU tips: Understanding the BeagleBone’s built-in microcontrollers
The Quantum Eraser
Raspberry Pi Walkie Talkie Mumbles To Friends
Cheap Toy Airboat Gets a Cheap R/C Upgrade
Teardown and analysis of an Agilent 86109B Optical/Electrical DCA-X oscilloscope module
VHF Frequency Counter with PC Interface
Hackaday Prize Entry: Adblock For TV
Wooing A Lady Into Persisting with Persistence… of Vision
Vintage 16mm Film Editor Is Now Retro Arcade
Bicycle Seismograph Measures The Streets
Run a RepRap on an ESP8266
Hackaday Dictionary: Mux/Demux
Xerox Alto restoration day 5: Smoke and parity errors
A Helmet to Make Daft Punk Jealous
What is There to Know About Resistors?
Rita’s Dolls Probably Live Better Than You Do
Apollo: The Alignment Optical Telescope
New Part Day: The ESP32 Has Been Released
Hackaday Prize Entry: A One Hand Bottle Opener
Enjoy The Last Throes of Summer With a Nice Pool Automation Project
Portable Battery Bank Only Looks Like a Bomb
3D-Printed Prosthetic Puts the Power in the Hands of Those Who Need It
Would You Like a Satellite Dish?
Bamboo Plant Becomes A Stylish Light Switch
Retrotechtacular: Home Video Recording
Fitness Tracker Teardown is a Lesson In Design for Manufacture
Hand Waving Unlocks Door
Hackaday Prize Entry: Lucid Dreaming Research
Learning Electronics — 2. Crystal Radio and Extensions
Quick Hack Creates A Visual Beep Alarm
Hackaday Links: September 4, 2016
Carbon Nanotube Transistors Are On The Passing Lane
Music Player for the Ability-Impaired
Convert Any USB Keyboard to Bluetooth
Raspberry Pi Chiptune Player Rocks a Sound Chip from the 80’s
Russian Hacker Multiplies Value of Boost Converter
Bathroom Status Reporting Hack Eliminates Lines, Frustration
Cheap Vacuum Source For Working With Dangerous Chemicals
Hackaday Prize Entry: Cheap Visible Light Communication
Game Pie Advance Brings Retro Gaming To Your Fingertips
Talking DIY Z-80 Retrocomputer Complete with Dev Tools
Altitude Controlled LED Jacket Changes Color as You Climb
Hacklet 123 – Watches
Flying A Normally-Sized Drone With A Nano-Drone’s Brain
Software USB On the ESP8266
Interesting Switch Autopsy
Tour de Force Battery Hacking
Hackaday Prize Entry: BunnyBot Helps Out All On Its Own
10,000 Lumen Sunrise Lamp Curses the Darkness
Make Your Own Simple VHF Tuning Capacitor
Five-Stage Coilgun Powered by an Arc Welder!
Decoding Rediscovered Rope Memory From the Apollo Guidance Computer
Books You Should Read: Engineer to Win By Carroll Smith
Mini Plasma Cutter
From Project To Kit: After The Sale
Portable temperature, humidity and light ambient datalogger
“Starry Night” Dress Shines on the Experience of Multiple Builds
Racing Roomba Packs the Power to Pop Wheelies
Hackaday Prize Entry: Magic Bit-Of-Wire Motion Detector Library For Arduino
High-:publishVoltage Fractals
Likely Everything You Need To Know Before Adopting A Drill Press
Blowtorch SMD Reflow
How To Make Your Weller Wireless
How to Use Docker to Cross Compile for Raspberry Pi (and More)
Cat-Operated Cat Food Dispenser
How the Human Brain Stores Data
How I²C EEPROM Talks to the Bus
Inventable Releases Improved X-Carve CNC Router
Hackaday Prize Entry: Open Sip And Puff
Antenna Rotation Arduino Style
DIY Desktop CNC with an Arduino
Internet Of Things Woodworking
Finally an exploding capacitor was occuring again (this time: Kaypro II)
The Evolution of a DIY Circuit Board Plotter
PRU tips: Understanding the BeagleBone's built-in microcontrollers
NES Light Gun Fires Awesome Laser Effect
Big Brother and Others Are Watching Your Car
Working For Elon Musk
ICS501 simple frequency multiplier
Amazon Dash Button Finds Your Phone
Hackaday Prize Entry: Coffee Machine Grows In Complexity With No Sign Of Stopping
Pan and Tilt with Dual Controllers
High-end Headphones Fixed with High-end CNC Machine
Tricking Duck Hunt to See A Modern LCD TV as CRT
Four Of Our Favorite Hardware Talks
Shell Game
Citizen Scientist Radio Astronomy (and More): No Hardware Required
Review: Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer
Impressive Junkyard CNC Made From Fancy Garbage
Fixing the Ampere: Redefining the SI Unit
DIY simple Hydrogen Generator
Hackaday Prize Entry: 1337 Haxxor Keyboards
Really Easy Jacob’s Ladder
DIY Electric Pennyboard Can Hit 40Km/h!!
Musical Proximity Detection Pet Bowls
Characterizing a Death Ray… er, Solar Oven
How Accurate Is Microstepping Really?
Hackaday Prize: 20 Projects That Are The Height Of Automation
Building Better Tube Amps With Heathkit Parts
Hyperuniformity — A Hidden Order Found in the Greatest Set of Eyes
Let’s Put A Hackerspace In Prison
Raspberry Pi Hive Mind
Hackaday Prize Entry: Automated Hydroponics
The Most Traveled Security Screwdriver, A Hacker’s Tale
Running RDWorks on Linux
Hackaday Links: August 28, 2016
Open Source SNES to USB Converter Lets You Emulate Legally
Stop Buying Expensive Circular Saw Blades, Use Paper Instead
Dirt Cheap VR Gun with Tracking for $15 of Added Hardware
Bombing The Sky For The Sake Of Radio
Low Noise Floor Microphone
Filtering Noisy Data with an Arduino
Hackaday Prize Entry: Real Life XEyes
Weather-aware Shoe Rack Helps You Get Ready for the Day
Working in Peace With an Off-Grid Office Shed
Amazing Carbon Foam Doesn’t Take Much Bread
Hacklet 122 – Spectrometers
Roomba Now Able to Hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger
Atari Archaeology Without Digging Up Landfill Sites
Kinect and Raspberry Pi Add Focus Pulling to DSLR
Much More Than a Desktop Mill: The DIY VMC Build
Homebrew dummy load
EL Wire Gets Some Touching After Effects
Shop-built Inspection Camera Lends Optical Help on a Budget
Interactive Dynamic Video
Books You Should Read: The Soul of A New Machine
Reverse engineering a simple four function calculator: die decap
Intel Makes A Cool Robot Brain In Latest Attempt to Pry Hackers From Their Wallets
From Project To Kit: The Final Furlong
Making A Thinkpad Great Again
Police Baffled? Send For The Radio Amateurs!
Hackaday Prize Entry: A CNC Scribe For Making Circuit Boards
Exoskeleton Designed for Children
The Mystery Behind the Globs of Epoxy
A Refrigerator Cooled by Rubber Bands
Arduino Versus Logic: The Coil Gun War Continues
Fine Business, Good Buddy: Amateur Radio for Truckers
Seeed Studio’s ReSpeaker Speaks All the Voice Recognition Languages
Hands-On the Shaper Origin: A Tool That Changes How We Build
Abusing a Cellphone Screen with Solenoids Posts High Score
Hoverchair For Your Hoverboard Turns Your Segway into a Go-Kart
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Printer For Alternative Photography
R2-D2 build
Mini CNC 2D plotter made from an old DVD drive and L293D motor shield
Rainy Day Fun by Calculating Pi
Keeping Humanity Safe from Robots at Disney
Realize the Truth… There Is No Word Clock
Fail Of The Week: Machining Bismuth
Tools of the Trade – Test and Programming
VFD Clock Only Speaks Romanian
Roomba vs Poop: Teaching Robots to Detect Pet Mess
HF-Powered Drone Antenna
HoloLens NES Emulator For Augmented Retro Gaming
Hackaday Prize Entry: Printem Is Polaroid For PCBs
HTC Vive Gives Autonomous Robots Direction
DIY USB power bank from laptop battery
Charliplexed 7-Segment Display Takes Advantage of PCB Manufacturers
Time Lapse Rig Puts GoPro into Orbit – in Your Shop
All About Biosignals
RGB LEDs: How to Master Gamma and Hue for Perfect Brightness
Compact ePaper Business Card
Colossus: Face To Face With The First Electronic Computer
DIY Pressure Regulator for Exciting SCUBA
Commanding Kerbals With A Physical Interface
Hackaday Prize Entry: A CPU For Balloons
magicShifter 3000: An Over-Engineered POV Stick with a 15-Year Journey
DIY Coil Gun Redux: Life Really is Easier with Arduino
A PDP-11 On A Chip
Impostor Syndrome And Individual Competence
Let’s Make Life A Little Better
Ask Hackaday: Calling All 68k Experts
Advertisment IBM Portable PC and two other early portable PCs
Garage-built Aluminum Miniboat Tears up the Surf. Or Not.
You’re Overdue for a Visit to the Library
Modified R/C Jet Cannon Spews Nerf, Slays Cardboard Tanks
IKEA Lantern Houses Full-Featured Weather Station
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch
Multi Sensor Security Camera Has You Covered
Hackaday Links: August 21, 2016
Hacked Furby Knows When You’re Near
Building A DIY Heat Pipe
Bare-bones Musical Tesla Coil is Tiny and Tinny
Fly With A Game Boy Classic
Using Robotics To Film the Perfect Hamburger Shot
Hackaday Prize Entry: A CNC Plasma Table
Bachelor Builds Enormous Laser Cutter, Nobody Complains
Pokémon Center Charging Station
D.Va For Real: Playing An FPS With Flight Sticks
Hacklet 121 – Tea Hacks
One Man, A Raspberry Pi, and a Formerly Hand Powered Loom
Repairing 14 Tektronix TLA5202 Logic Analyzers
An Organ Made from Back-Driven Steppers
A Windowless Elevator with a 360º Panoramic View
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Raspberry Pi Password Manager
Outmoded Sequencer project
Add Robotic Farming to Your Backyard with Farmbot Genesis
Reverse-Engineered GEOS 2.0 for C64 Source Code
Turntable Turns Waveform Generator
Fruit + Electronics = Piano
Laser-Cut ArcSin Dress Is Wearable Math
[Ken Shirriff] Demystifies BeagleBone I/O
Books You Should Read: Basic Electronics
Retrofitting a Vintage Intercom to Run Amazon Alexa
RC boat with NRF24L01+ and Arduino
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Swedish Senior Rolls in Style with Hybrid Hoverboard Walker
Coil Gun for Newbies: Learning Electromagnetic Propulsion
Beer And Hacks In London and Beyond
PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux
Hackaday Prize Entry: Russian Roulette With A Soldering Gun
Arc Lighter become Plasma Pyrography Pen
Full Color 3D Printer Upgrade Leaves Competition In The Dust
Arduino + Software Defined Radio = Millions of Vulnerable Volkswagens
Asking the Security Question of Home Automation
Fractals Among Us
The BeagleBone's I/O pins: inside the software stack that makes them work
New 3D Printer M3D Pro Hits Kickstarter
The Turing Tapes
Capacitive Imaging With A Raspberry Pi Touch Screen
Infrared Targeting On a Small Scale
Biking sweeper detectors
Hackaday Prize Entry: Robot Shore
Struggling Robot Made With DIY Soft Limbs
Lego-Like Chemistry and Biology Erector Set
Intel Releases The Tiny Joule Compute Module
Solar-powered Weather Station Has the Complete Suite of Sensors
Universal Serial Abuse
Tips For Buying Your First Milling Machine
Introducing The Teensy 3.5 And 3.6
Nerd-Bait: ESP8266 + ILI9341 Screen
Hackaday NYC Summer Party
Google’s New OS Will Run on Your Raspberry Pi
Bone Conduction Skull Radio
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16-channel Sampler Tests Arcade Buttons with Style
Bi-directional voltage level translator – Board house test
Fail Of The Week: How NOT To Smooth A 3D Print
A Tech That Didn’t Make It: Sound On Stainless Steel Wire
Creating Unbeatable Videogame AI
Retrotechtacular: Tom Carter Revolutionized your Phone
Skin Bling: Wearable Electronics from Golden Temporary Tattoos
Dekatron tubes controlled by Arduino
Filling The Automation Gap In Garment Manufacturing
Blob Grid Array Technique Mounts Board-To-Board
Mahoney CO2 laser power meter
Beer Gun Shoots Non-Lethal Doses Of Bewerages
Hackaday Prize Entry: Polling The Polling Places
Light following bristle bot
Etching a PCB In Ten Minutes.
Chewbacca Mask Hack Cheers Up The Whining Wookie
HardWino Takes The Effort Out of Happy Hour
Turn Your Motorola Android Phone Into a Raspberry Pi
Ask Hackaday: What Are Magnetic Gears (Good For)?
25 watt hybrid EL84 tube amp
Trash-heap Water Wheel Recharges iPhone in the Woods
History Of The Diode
Be A Part Of The Best Hardware Conference Ever
Google Unveils Their Experimental Plan For Wireless Broadband Service
Laser Sequencer uses Arduino to Enable Super-Microscope!
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Cheap STM32 Dev Board
Secret Riddle Retro Radio
Hackaday Links: August 14, 2016
Nuka-Cola PC Case Really Glows
OpenSurgery Explores the Possibility of DIY Surgery Robots
Ion Trap Makes Programmable Quantum Computer
Alternator Becomes Motor for This Electric Go-kart
Easy Toy Hack Makes Floating Death Star
3.3V Is Not Enough for This Raspberry Pi Zero
Hackaday Prize Entry: An Oven Of Raspberry Pis
Retrofitted Retro Radio
The Quest for Mice With Frickin’ Laser Beams (Pointed At Their Brains), Building A Laser …
A Trove Of 3D Printer Filament Test Data
Hacklet 120 – Coffee Hacks
Hackerspacing: Making A Temperature Logger
We’re Fans of Dave’s Fans
Hacker Builds New Single Board Computer Out of Old Single Board Computer
A VNA On A 200 Euro Budget
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Good Electronics Learning Toolkit
Almost Fail of The Week: Doing Surface Mount Reflow Wrong In Every Possible Way and Still Succeeding
DIY Smartwatch Based On ESP8266 Needs Classification
Wiggling Pokéball Detects Rare Pokémon
Hacking When It Counts: Spy Radios
Hedberg is a Bionic Hand Made From a Single Keurig
OTGW panel
From Project To Kit: Instructions Are Everything
Tattoos by Robotic Arm With Pinpoint Accuracy
Technically A Hack. Still Questionable. Remote Control Food.
Hackaday Prize Entry: Autorouters Are For The Weak
Wake Up With A NeoPixel Sunrise Alarm Clock
Stick Balances Itself With Reaction Wheels
Pimoroni Wash Their Hands Of Arduino
EMF Camp 2016, A Personal Review
Electroloom Throws In The Towel
Tearing into Delta Sigma ADCs Part 2
Drones, Clever Hacks, and CG Come Together For Star Wars Fan Film
EMF Fire Pong
Hackaday Prize Entry: An Open Source Retina Scanner
Drone Doesn’t Know Much About Art, But Knows What It Likes
A low-voltage disconnect for 12 volt lead acid and lithium batteries
Fun Audio Waveform Generator Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts
What We Learned from the 2016 Queercon Badge
Open hardware DSP platform
Magnet-o-Boots kick you one step closer towards Fighting Crime
Lessons in Small Scale Manufacturing From The Othermill Shop Floor
Bluetooth HID Gamepad And HC-05 Serial Hack
Star Track: A Lesson in Positional Astronomy With Lasers
Hackaday Prize Entry: Non-Computational Fluid Dynamics
Remote-Operated Gate On A Budget
Unexpected Betrayal From Your Right Hand Mouse
The First Evil Maid-Proof Computer
Yak Shaving: Hacker Mode vs Maker Mode
[CNLohr], ESP8266, USB…
Hot Wire Strippers are Probably The Best Tool You Aren’t Using
How To Detect And Find Rogue Cell Towers
Copy Protection Traps in GEOS for C64
TiLDA MKπ, The EMF Camp 2016 Badge
Hackaday Prize Entry: Solar WiFi Rover Roves At Night
Puzzlingly Simple Tutorial On GPS Time Corrected Clock
Commodore PET mods at VCF West 2016
Pwning With Sewing Needles
Editor Wars: The Revenge of Vim
DIY ECG with 1 op-amp
Differential Analyzer Cranks out Math like a Champ at VCF 2016
In Paris Buying a 3D Printer is Cheaper than Renting Machine Time
The Terrible Security Of Bluetooth Locks
Electroshock Timer Will Speed Up Every Game of Settlers of Catan
Hackaday Prize Entry: A WiFi Swiss Army Knife
Two Pins for the Price of One
Hackaday Links: August 7, 2016
DNS Tunneling: Getting The Data Out Over Other Peoples’ WiFi
Homemade EDM Can Cut Through Difficult Materials Like Magnets With Ease
Vegapin: A Beautiful Virtual Pinball Machine
Jump In When The Water Is Just Right With A Wireless Swimming Pool Thermometer
Refurbishing Six Commodore 64s in Parallel
Single Motor Lets This Robot Do the Worm
Hackaday Prize Entry: The Strength Of 3D Printed Parts
Weird CPU
Building a Satellite-Tracking System With Cold War Tech
Photodiode Amplifier Circuit Spies on Your Phone
Hacklet 119 – Retrogaming Console Hacks
Simplest Jumping Kangaroo Bot
Home Pool Added to Home Automation
DEF CON: BSODomizing In High Definition
How Amica Paint protected tampering with its credits
Animated Progress Bar Shows LCD New Tricks
Hackaday Prize Entry: Diagnosing Concussions
Building a Full-Spectrum Digital Camera on the Cheap
Fail Of The Week: The Pitfalls Of Designing A Wideband Radio
Art and Creepy Mechanisms
Hacking HAKKO 936
Hackaday Dictionary: Mils and Inches and Meters (oh my)
Arduino Replaces Bad AC Thermostat, Hacker Stays Cool
From Project To Kit: Getting The Hardware Right
DEF CON’s X86 Badge
DEFCON Thermometer
Hackaday Prize Entry: Helping Millions See Clearly
EMF: You Shall Find Us At The Sign Of The Jolly Wrencher
Photodiode amplifier design
DIY Linux Computer and 6LoWPAN Gateway
Raspberry Pi 3 Gets USB, Ethernet Boot
How To Build Anything With Delrin And A Laser Cutter — Advanced Tricks
An AVR Atmega library for multiple HD44780 based LCD connected through i2c
When You Need a Scope, You Need a Scope
Soldering TQFN with a distance
Root Mean Square
Keytar Made Out Of A Scanner To Make Even the 80s Jealous
Creo Arm Might be the SCARA You’re Looking For
Hackaday Prize Entry: Low Cost, DIY Thermal Imaging
Impressive Custom Built Blacksmith’s Forge
DIY PCB inspection microscope
1980s Toy Robot Arm Converted To Steam And Other Explorations
An Apple II Joystick Fix For Enjoyable Gameplay
Electrostatic Loudspeakers: High End HiFi You Can Build Yourself
Three Arduinos, Sixteen Square Waves
Single Board Revolution: Preventing Flash Memory Corruption
Rocking An Acoustic Guitar By Making It Electric
The Perfect Storm: Open ARM + FPGA Board
Hackaday Prize Entry: Smart USB Hub And IoT Power Meter
Noise Cancelling Speech Recogntion
3D Printer Enclosure Is Pleasant On The Eyes And Ears
FCC Reaches Agreement With Router Manufacturers
Home Automation Is Hung Up On Software
Retrotechtacular: Old Transistors
HardwareX Is A Scientific Journal For Open Hardware
I2C Continuum
The Othermill Is Something Else
Ugly Manhattan Adapters
Changing the language setting on a Chinese laser cutter
Microsoft Live Account Credentials Leaking From Windows 8 And Above
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Visible Spectrophotometer
Infrared Flashlight with Screen Uncovers What’s Hidden
Your Laundry Is Done!
Copenhagen Suborbitals Launches Impressive Amateur Liquid Fueled Rocket
Sniffing Bluetooth Devices With A Raspberry Pi
New Part Day: ATtiny102 and 104
Your laundry is done
Join Us at Vintage Computer Festival West This Weekend
Firearm Tech – Are Smart Guns Even Realistic?
Python real-time audio frequency monitor
The Most Useless Book Scanner
LastPass Happily Forfeits Passwords to Simple Javascript
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Linear CCD Breakout
You May Have a Nixie Tube Clock, but Can Yours Levitate?
Hackaday Links: July 30, 2016
Blindingly Fast ADC for Your BeagleBone
BASIC game classics… today: CAMEL (slightly improved version of the original David H. Ahl source)
Escalating To CNC Through Proxxon’s Tool Line
Restoring Y Combinator's Xerox Alto, day 4: What's running on the system
The Tiny Radio Telescope
Taking the Converted PC PSU Bench Supply a Step Further
Vending Coins for Your Vending Machine
Parent To The Power Wheels Rescue
Hackaday Prize Entry: You Have No Free Will
NFL to Experiment with Chipped Balls
Arduino Absentmindedly Blows Bubbles
Modest Motor Has Revolutionary Applications
Hacklet 118 – Infrared and Universal Remote Controls
Unusual 72-Bulb Display Mechanism Found in Vintage Clock
16-Bit Audio Output Via Voltage Reference
Droolworthy Animatronic Stargate Horus Helmet
A Crash Sensor For Delta 3D Printers
Hackaday Prize Entry: Reflectance Transformation Imaging
An open source 3D Scanner made with Raspberry Pi
The Prettiest Darn Arcade Cabinet You’ll See Today
A One LED Clock
Fail of the Week: Magnetic Flow Measurement Gone Wrong
The Problem with Software Defined Radio
Books You Should Read: The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory
ESP8266 MicroPython Contest Gives You the Excuse You Need
[Nick Thatcher]’s Plan-B Is A Commuter Electric Unicycle
40 meter XCVR size of an business card with 1 watt output, 7.000 to 7.150 MHz coverage
From Project To Kit: So You Want To Sell Electronic Kits
3-Phase BLDC Motor Controller will Run you $20 in Parts
This NES Emulator Build Lets You Use Cartridges to Play Games
Hackaday Prize Entry: Profiling Underwater Light
20kW Light Is As Bright As You’d Expect
Progress on the LDMOS amplifier
Walking the 32bit path to a blinky LED
Opto-isolated laser controller build
New Chip Alert: RTL8710, A Cheaper ESP8266 Competitor
DEF CON Meetup At The Grave Of James T. Kirk
Squirrel Café To Predict The Weather From Customer Data
Repaired Manned Multicopter Flies without Horrifying Crash
Power Log Splitting: Trying (and Sometimes Failing) to Build a Better Ax
Computer-Designed Portraits, Knit By Hand!
All-terrain Hoverboard Junk Pile Build
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Suite Of Lab Instruments
FPGA Drives Old Laptop Screen
Build a Foam Cutter Right Now
DIY Smart Home Device Means No More Fumbling in the Dark
Yes, You Should be Hacking Your Car’s Data System
3D Printering: Non-Planar Layer FDM
Cyclist’s LED Pixel Clock Has No Fat Around The Middle
Design for Hackers
Oscillating Pneumatic Mechanism Doesn’t Need a Purpose
Robo Hobo Bamboozles Passers-By
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Cheap Robotic Microscope
Mergers and Acquisitions: Analog and Linear
Pressure-formed Parabolic Mirror from a Mylar Blanket
Porting my VHDL Character Generator to Spartan3: Reducing clock speeds and pipelining
Ugly DIY Portable Soldering Iron
Pokemon Go – Bot Edition
Editor Wars
#FreePCB via Twitter to 2 random RTs
ESP8622/RFM69 wifi gateway
We Declare The Grandmaster Of Pokemon Go GPS Cheats
Root on the Philips Hue IoT Bridge
History Of The Capacitor – The Modern Era
Get Subpixel Printing With a DLP 3D Printer
Bending The New Amazon Dash Button To Your Will
Hackaday Prize Entry: An AI Robot
[Alan Wolke]’s How To Use An Oscilloscope
Have a Laser Cutter? He’s a Cool Combination Lock Box You Can Build!
Beware Of Tall Grass: Pokemon Go on the Gameboy Pocket
Cory Doctorow Rails Against Technological Nihilism; Wants You to Have Hope
Pokemon Go Physical Pokeball Catches ‘Em All
Contactless transit card teardown
Hands-on the AND!XOR Unofficial DEF CON Badge
DIY Command Station for Kerbal Space Program is Overkill
What It’s Like to Quit Your Job and Start a Company – Then Fail
Homebrew Raspberry pi shutdown button
Zizzy The Personal Robot Uses 3D Printed Artificial Muscles Instead of Hobby Servos
Drinkro The Synchro Bartender
Hackaday Prize Entry: Augmented Reality For Firefighters
BST-1 Car Shortwave Receiver
Hackaday Links: July 24, 2016
Dual Axis Solar Tracker with Online Energy Monitor
Super Cheap Super Simple DRO
Onde Magnetique Will Wow And Flutter Your Ears
The Most Expensive VR Experiment You’ll See all Week
VertiGo Robot Drives Up Walls
3D Printed Electric Unicycle
Hackaday Prize Entry: Let Your Muscles Do The Work
Encrypted USB Bootloader for AVRs
Retrotechtacular: The Modern Telephone
BitCluster Brings a New Way to Snoop Through BitCoin Transactions
Hacklet 117 – NFC Projects
Semisolid Lithium Ion Batteries Promise Better Cars, Solar
Manipulators get a 1000x FPGA-based speed bump
Liddiard Omnidirectional Wheels
Bluetooth and Arduino Vaporizer Upends Stoner Stereotypes
Inverter crystal oscillator
Hackaday Prize Entry: Piezo Gait Analysis
Quad Serial Adapter
Super In-Depth $15 Curve Tracer Project
One Man Spends 53 Years And Builds A Cathedral
ROM Disk Creation with ROM-inator II
Fail of the Week: Ferrofluid
Tote – Quadruped robot
It’s Not a Bridge, and Not a Tunnel. Or, Maybe it’s Both?
Tools of the Trade – Through Hole Assembly
JumpRoaCH is Kind Of Cute, Kind Of Creepy
Bunnie and Snowden Explore IPhone’s Hackability
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Simple Spectrophotometer
TV Tuner IR remote with a PIC16F684
Pips Help Everyone Around the House
The Music of a Sunset
Homebrew Multimode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM) adapter
The Onion Omega2: The Latest Router Dev Board
Formlabs Form 1+ API now available on Github
Books You Should Read: Instruments Of Amplification
Bunnie and EFF Sue US Goverment over DMCA 1201
Ever Buy Music From Apple? Use Linux? You Need This Tool
MicroPython on the ESP8266: Kicking the Tires
Robomintoner Badminton Bot To Defeat Amateur Humans
Accurately simulate an LED
Adjustable HV Power Supply for Stompbox
Send and Receive SMS with GSM SIM900 Arduino Shield
Simple Clock is Great Stepper Motor Project
Hackaday Prize Entry: An Internet Of Things Microscope

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C64 emulator on Arduino?

 Sinclair (1)

ZX Spectrum and loaders – part three

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TinyBASIC on 8080 emulator on Arduino

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Assembler toolkit

 Xilinx (1)

Cheap FPGA dev boards

 Z80 (4)

Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part three
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part two
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part one

 ZX Spectrum (3)

ZX Spectrum and loaders – part three
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part two
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part one

 assembler (4)

Assembler for 8080, Z80, 6502 and much more…
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part three
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part two
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part one

 emulator (2)

Generic Emulators for ASM80.com
C64 emulator on Arduino?

 loader (3)

ZX Spectrum and loaders – part three
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part two
ZX Spectrum and loaders – part one