Rock – Paper – Android

There are a lot of space for tiny PC – not bloated with all these HDDs, big graphic cards etc., just with small fast processor, FLASH memory, HDMI and a few USB. I bet you know Raspberry Pi. Here is another concept called Android PC – APC. [Continue...]

Design PCBs in your browser with

Do you know Eagle? I bet so… But can you imagine Eagle running in your browser? Try – free circuit design tool and easy PCB manufacturing. It can import existing Eagle designs, easily order boards, or just buy a community designed board in e-shop. You can easily do multi layered circuit boards too.... [Continue...]

Cubieboard – a new Raspberry Pi?

Cubieboard is a small (10x6cm), hacker friendly, extendable and very low-cost while powerful ARM board with Allwinner A10 SoC. Not so hyped as Raspberry Pi, but a little bit more powerful. [Continue...]