How to compute a heatsink?

The most of us design a circuit, look at it and says: “Hm, it need a heatsink here!” Then we looks in our drawers, find “first suitable” heatsink and use it, believing it fits. Bil Herd shows how to compute heating.

Hackaday loves 68k!

Hackaday’s Brian Benchoff introduced his new project – a 68000 based computer named Hackaday 68k. It contains backplane, 68000 CPU, 4MB RAM, Yamaha V9939 VDP (as seen in MSX2), Ethernet, Compact Flash, PS/2 keyboard and (maybe) SID for sound.

EasyEDA – a web based design tool

 EasyEDA is an EDA, schematic capture, spice circuit simulation and PCB layout designer in one online tool. Not first, we’ve seen it before. But EasyEDA provides full cycle, from idea and schematic through simulation to PCB design and manufacturing. You can use a rich library of circuits, you can share... [Continue...]

GPU for your Arduino

James Bowman is a creator of first Gameduino. This time is his Gameduino (version 2) based on a FTDI chip FT800 EVE (instead of Xilinx FPGA), which provides a full featured OpenGL-like GPU for TFT touch displays, connected through I2C/SPI interface. James added some “bijou”, like an accelerometer, SD card... [Continue...]

1-Wire to IPv6

1-Wire bus is really interesting piece of electronic design by Dallas Semiconductor. It provides two-way serial connection on 1 wire (technically two, of course – don’t forget the common ground). There are a lot of devices use 1-Wire interface, from simple thermometers to ID buttons with memory. Fredrik Lindberg  shows how... [Continue...]