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ZX Spectrum hardware

A book about the ULA chip and other hardware information.

There is a lot of detail information about Speccy HW on the ZX Spectrum Technical FAQ pages. If you're planning to write your own emulator or build own ZX clone, these pages are essential for you. You find info about undocumented Z80 instructions, the R register, about the ULA timing and other non-usual and not well-known advices.

"The Sinclair ZX Spectrum ULA" is pitched to be readable by the novice, but quickly moves into more complicated territory, and would be readable by anyone with a general interest who can follow boolean logic, the electronics hobbyist, the electronic engineering student, retro-hardware fan or just a piece of shelf-candy for the Sinclair freak. It gives a thorough discussion of Ferranti, their ULA and a detailed examination of every functional unit of the Sinclair design. It introduces each idea from the ground up and tries not to make the assumption that the reader has read the particular subject matter before. However it does not dwell on the basics, as there are plenty of texts available that can develop those areas further.

Chris Smith's Inside the Ferranti ULA - (Orders)

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