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Z80 Microcomputer

This is an actual computer, built completely from scratch. I began the project in the spring of 2006, while I was taking a course on microcomputers. My Z80 system will remain a work in progress as long as I can think of new things to add to it.


The current specs are:

  • 2MHz 8 bit Zilog Z80 processor
  • 56 KB static RAM (7 x 8k x 8)
  • 1 Mb Flash Memory "hard drive"
  • Interrupt controller with 8 interrupt levels
  • 20 character x 2 line backlit LCD with contrast control
  • RS232 serial port
  • 2 programmable timers
  • Programmable beeper
  • 8X DIP switch and 8X LED's for general purpose I/O
  • Strobe button for clocked input from the DIP switches
  • Parallel port programming interface with parity

Blake's Conflabatorium Z80 Microcomputer

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