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Z80 In-Circuit Emulator Kit

Do you need to debug a Z80-based computer "in situ"? If yes, this is an ultimate "must-have" tool.

This amazing device can display and change Z80 internal registers, display, disassemble, substitute, fill, compare, and test memory, write to or read from I/O addresses, trace through code with register display or without register display but with breakpoints, read or write Intel Hex file into/from memory, refresh system DRAM while Z80 is paused or measure CPU clock frequency.

The emulator is powered by system under test. All important parts are socketed. It is controlled by generic terminal program running on any PC/laptop with a legacy serial port (serial baud rate is automatically detected).

Z80 ICE has been tested in systems operating at 4 and 5 MHz. It's probably not usable in systems with a Z80 clock above 8 MHz.

The Z80 ICE complete kit costs $79.95 and you can purchase it directly from TaunTek pages.

Link: Z80 ICE

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