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Xiltendo CPLD Starter is an entry level CPLD device for the Nintendo Handhelds. It can be used for various applications with supplied hardware configurations, or it can be used as CPLD development board to create new hardware.

Xiltendo features:
* No programming cable needed – fully in-system reprogrammable
* 72 Macrocell CPLD supported by free development tools (Xilinx WebPack)
* 2 user extension slots with 6+7 User I/Os
* Ready to use hardware configurations
* Many hardware examples with full source code
* Open-source Software for the CPLD configuration
* UART (IrDA support also possible)
* MIDI interface
* SPI Mast
* I2C Master
* Onewire™ Master
* Cypress PSoC Programming interface
* MMC/SD/SDIO Interface
* NAND Flash Interface
* JTAG interface
* Timer for performance profiling
* Frequency meter
* Pulse counter
* PWM generator
* R/C Servo Interface
* GPIO Interface
* User defined Interface

More info on NS168DS pages. Watch also the special Xiltendo pages.

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