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Video to oscilloscope

Yet another entry for the scope-abilities list -
These projects offer the ability to convert composite or VGA video signals for oscilloscope display. You'll need a scope with Z/intensity input in addition to the X & Y axes in order to pull this one off.

Q: "Simply, we take the RGB video signals and combine them into one signal for the Z-axis, and the sync signals are used to trigger the sweep generators. The sweep generators produce sawtooth signals that feed into the X and Y axes of the oscilloscope."

The oscilloscope must have a X, Y, and Z axis, good gain, and X/Y inverters for this converter to be useful. The video MUST be connected before you turn up the brightness of the oscilloscope. Without the video signal connected, the sweep generators are not operating due to the absence of sync signals so a dot appears on the CRT, which can burn the phosphor. Make sure you have a raster before you turn up the brightness too.

VGA to oscilloscope
TV to oscilloscope

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