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Video Frame Grabber

The portable Video Frame Grabber records high-resolution camcorder frame grabs on a small flash memory card. The LM3S811-based device can grab frames from DVDs without connecting to a PC. The SD card, which stores frame grabs as BMPs, can be accessed with any SD card host.

This project shows that it is possible to do all this with a simple low-cost circuit based around a fast ARM processor. Video frame acquisition and processing is typically associated with high bandwidth electronics circuits, fast digital logic (FPGAs / CPLDs) and special Flash ADCs. The trick used to simplify the circuit is to grab a frame in parts at a lower acquisition speed of the ARM’s peripherals and recompose it by software. This means that the video source should be capable of supplying a still image for a few seconds, while it is digitized. This can be handled par-excellence with today’s digital video sources, which have absolutely no difficulty in generating a steady & still image. (Via)

Abstract (pdf)

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