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vAVRdisasm is an AVR program disassembler. It supports all 136 AVR instructions as defined by the Atmel AVR Instruction Set

This single-pass disassembler can handle Atmel Generic, Intel HEX8, and Motorola S-Record formatted files containing valid AVR program binaries.

vAVRdisasm features a handful of formatting options, including:

* Printing the instruction addresses alongside disassembly, enabled by default
* Printing of the destination comments of relative branch/jump/call instructions, enabled by default
* Ghetto Address Labels (see “Ghetto Address Labels” section)
* Formatting data constants in different bases (hexadecimal, binary, decimal)
* .DW data word directive for data not recognized as an instruction during disassembly.

vAVRdisasm should work on most *nix platform, including a Cygwin environment. vAVRdisasm was written in C by Vanya A. Sergeev - vsergeev at gmail, and tested with the GNU C Compiler.


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