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V6Z80P - the "ZX Spectrum version 2009"

Retroleum's terrific Z80-based single board computer. Simply amazing!

Do you remember your first steps with computers and electronics? I bet you do! So do I.
Some time ago I found the Retroleum pages which describes Phil's Z80-based computers - like this big one. I really like these "homebrew" computers and I wish to build my own one. But you know - a work, a family, no spare time, etc.
Phil's newest computer is the sixth evolution step of his Z80 SBC, named V6Z80P, and I've to say: It's amazing!

Phil says: V6Z80P is a standalone computer, based on a Spartan II 150K FPGA with a Z80 CPU running at 16MHz. The V6Z80P has 3 memory buses, one for the CPU and main memory (512KB), plus another 512KB and 128KB. There are two Atari 2600 / Amiga-like joystick ports, PC mouse and keyboard connectors, an RS232 serial comms port, a stereo audio socket, a 12bit colour video-out socket supporting RGB TV signals and VGA and an MMC/SD card connector.

The default architecture offers 256 colour bitmap / tilemap video modes, allows 55 hardware sprites per scanline, hardware scroll and line draw, a simple blitter and 4 channels of 8-bit sampled audio. It outputs PAL, NTSC and VGA mode video.

It's cute, isn't it? I really like it, so I've asked Phil for one piece. It fits perfectly to my wishes: old good Z80, "software" peripherials, a lot of memory, cheap keyboard and monitor... The only things I could wish are a lot of spare time and some good Z80 assembler! :)

I really hope Phil will arrange the second batch of his V6Z80P. If you're interesting in, simple mail to Phil...

Well done, Phil! :)

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