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Using TQFP ICs in homebrew constructions

Every hobbyist can work with IC in the DIL (or SOIC) package without any bigger problems. But modern ICs, especially microcontrollers and processors, are in the TQFP/LQFP package. How we can handle with them?

TQFP The TQFP package has 0.5mm pitch - it means there are 2 pins every 1 millimeter (50.8 pins on one inch). This is quite impossible for hobbyist to make the PCB for these packages.

However it is possible to solder them in the hand. But you need a good one PCB with soldering mask. You needn't the hot air soldering station, the cheap unregulated soldering iron is good enough. Don't you believe?

Here is my first attempt:

TQFP soldering

And detailed view:

TQFP soldering - detail

The soldering process is really simple. Here are three golden suggestions:

1. Hold it tightly.
2. Tip the pins at one end and slightly draw the soldering iron across all pins in a row. Don't be scared, soldering mask takes care about shortages.
3. It's all about the soldering paste.

I'm using the TQFP adapters external from Elk-Tronic external. It's good and cheap and I'm fully content with them. I can really recommend!

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