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A Multi-purpose USB Device with ATMega32

This project is an instance of the UsbProg project created by Benedikt Sauter. Bene released the schematics, board layout and firmware as an open-source project. Dean Hall took that project and made these modifications:

- Changed CONN1 to a type Mini-B receptacle (so it would be surface mount).
- Changed most parts to have surface mount packages (except jumpers and headers).
- Added capacitors C1 and C2 for decoupling.
- Added CONN3 2×5 pin header for Port A (the ADC inputs).
- Added JP3 jumper header to choose which pin controls LED1.

With a bit of work the board can be etched at home and you’ve got yourself a home made programmer. Or you could just pay $30 and get the original mkII from Atmel.


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