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USB Logic Analyzer

Logic analyzer based on Altera FPGA with USB interface.

The board uses a small Altera Cyclone II FPGA (EP2C5T144C7N) and a NET2272 USB controller from NetChip. The FPGA was programmed with a mix of VHDL and schematic diagrams, and includes a minimal USB protocol handler entirely in hardware.

The board can be self- or USB- powered. The 5V from USB is converted to 3.3V (used by the NET2272 and FPGA I/O) by a LTC3411 switching regulator and to 1.2V by another LTC3411 regulator (used by the FPGA core). The 3.3V supply is also converted to 2.5V by a linear regulator, and used to supply parts of the NET2272.

More info on author's blog: USB logic analyzer

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