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USB Host for microcontrollers

It isn't a problem to create an uC-based device as an USB peripherial nowadays - there are a lot of chips with USB device capability, from FTDI to some PIC/USB, or OBDEV's USB software controller. But what to do if you need connect some USB peripherial to your device?

Imagine you need to connect, for example, an USB PC keyboard to your microcontroller-based application - it means the situation microcontroller isn't an USB peripherial, but host (it means microcontroller plays the role of a PC). Maxim has a chip perfectly suitable for such application: MAX3421E (TQFP32). It provides full SPI interface (to the microcontroller), 8+8 I/O lines and a USB HOST interface.
There is a perfect tutorial about using this chip with PIC and Arduino at CircuitsAtHime web:

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