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USB Bit Whacker

An inexpensive, simple input/output device to connect your computer to the real world by Brian Schmalz.

The UBW board is a small board that contains a Microchip PIC USB-capable microcontroller, headers to bring out all of the PICs signal lines (to a breadboard for example), only costs about $15-$20 to build and is powered from the USB connection.

UBW stands for USB Bit Whacker. It is a series of boards and software that allow people to do real-world interfacing from their PCs. The boards are very simple, cheap, and generic. The whole design is free to anybody to use and do anything they want with, including commercially produce these boards or derivative works. All software tools used are free, and all code is provided with documetnation so you can take one of the examples on this website and change it to do whatever you want.

There are three classes of people who may like the UBW design:

* People who just want to use an existing board and firmware to get some real work done (i.e. parallel port replacement, education, etc.)
* People who want to use an existing board but write their own firmware
* People who want to build a UBW from scratch and the use existing firmware or write their own

Link: Read more about UBW

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