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I'm going to my holidays tomorrow, so here are a lot of unsorted links and references I found in my sources. Some ZX Spectrum-related materials, vintage computer and VHDL tip. Enjoy!

"The Dragon is an 8-bit personal computer based upon the Motorola MC6809E microprocessor. Made in Wales by Dragon Data Ltd., two variants were sold in the UK: the Dragon 32 (basic version, 32K RAM) and the Dragon 64 (64K RAM, serial port, other very minor differences). The on-board ROM contains a version of Microsoft Extended Colour BASIC, but more advanced operating systems like OS-9 and FLEX are available." - and everything you need to know about this computer you can find at the Dragon pages.

Audio Visualization with Nokia 3310 LCD and FFT by Tinkerish is - surprisingly - article about connecting ATMega8, Nokia 3310 LCD and a microphone to display well known FFT audio spectrum pictures. Simple cirtcuit, the main work does the SW, but very nice article with a lot of details.

Velesoft is a ZX Spectrum magician from the Czech Republic. His hardware contributions sometimes seems like they are from the other worlds. Velesoft made the Spectrum mouse which became legendary... And his other stuff is interesting too. Look at his pages.

There is a Game Screenshot Gallery for all those ZX Spectrum gamers.

And last, but not least: VHDL VGA 80x40 interface - look at the picture above. Resolution of 80x40 characters, dot resolution is 640x480 pixels at 60Hz so the core needs a clock signal of 25MHz. It's monochrome, it hasn't "attribute" memory to store the colour of each character. The unique output color is selectable among 8 different colours. Some other features you can find on the pages.

And now - voila! Byebye, my soldering iron, Los Angeles is looking forward to me! :))

See you soon all.

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