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Universal FAT32 library

Very useful library for everyone, who wants to deal with any SD/MMC card or other storage, works with FAT32, in applications such as MP3 players or data loggers.

Author says: This project was originally intended as a FAT32 file IO library for the Atmel AVR, but has now grown into a general multipurpose platform independent C code implementation of a FAT32 driver with read & write support as well as the ability to use long filenames. It started life in my MP3 project in 2003 with only very basic read support, and grew into a more fully featured module with a stdio like interface providing functions such as fopen(), fgetc(), fputc(), fread(), fwrite(), etc.
The project has a low memory footprint with customizable build options to enable it to run on platforms such as the Atmel AVR, ARM & PIC microcontrollers."

Link: FileLib - FAT32 File library for ARM, AVR and PIC

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