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Unicorn - an USB experimenter kit

A few day ago I've bought the Unicorn kit. What do I mean about it?

I've ordered the Unicorn kit on dipmicro eshop pages. This kit is great for the first experiments with an USB and the PIC18F4550 microcontroller. It is cheap enough and it took ca 30 minutes to assemble.

The Unicorn kit has a lot of connecting possibilities - RS485 connector, user connector, LCD / GLCD connector, ICD2 compatible connector and, of course, USB connector. But I've no idea why my Unicorn pack contains the USB-A connector. I've no USB A-A cable, so I've used some cutted USB cable and solder the wires dorectly to the PCB.

The second issue is the mistake (unwanted short connection) on PCB. Due to this mistake the LED is unusable. The solve is simple: Just scratch the line on the PCB near the incrimined place and by-pass it by wire.

But there are just only these two bad things, so I can recommend the Unicorn kit for everyone interesting in the USB-compatible devices.

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