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Ultim809: Ultimate 8-Bit Computer

Another homebrewed 8bit computer, based on Motorola 6809.

Author says: The current design uses only 14 chips, and the final board (without expansion cards) will probably use less than 20. All of the glue logic is implemented with fast, inexpensive 74HC chips. Every part in the Ultim809 is readily available today; even Jameco still sells the 68B09E for a few dollars. No PROMs, PALs, GALs, or other parts that require an expensive programmer are used. The firmware is in EEPROM, and it can be upgraded in-system via the serial port.

Schematics and source code will be released later this year, because author wants to get everything done (audio, video, ethernet, etc.) before releasing to the public.

Link: Ultim809

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