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A 32bit version of USB bit whacker - more pins, more memory, more power, more fun...

The UBW32 is a small board that you plug into your computer (running Windows, MacOS or Linux) via USB. The USB connection powers the board and allows you to send it commands from the computer. These commands allow you to interface your computer to the real world - like controlling things and getting input from things. The UBW32 can plug into a standard breadboard in several different ways, or you can wire directly to it. You can power it through the USB connection or from an external voltage source. It has 3 push buttons (Reset, and 2 user-defined buttons) and 5 LEDs (Power, USB, and 3 user defined LEDs). It breaks out all of the PIC32's I/O pins to pins around the outside of the board.

Brian Schmalz's UBW32 homepage
Buy UBW32 from SparkFun

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