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Two new models of XGameStation

Nurve Networks LLC, the makers of the Hydra kit and the XGS, released the XGS AVR 8-Bit and XGS PIC 16-Bit development kits, a next generation development kits for the Atmel Mega AVR 8-Bit and Microchip PIC24 16-Bit processors.

I'm a proud owner of previous XGS, based on Ubicom's SX-52 microcontroller. It's a really interesting piece of hardware, great for hobby projects and training your programming skills. Here are two new kits, based on ATMega644 or PIC24HJ256GP206.

The first one, XGS AVR 8bit, features:
- ATMega 644 (overclocked to 28MHz)
- VGA output with 2x2x2 RGB.
- NTSC/PAL with color generation helper hardware (PAL support limited).
- Micro SD card interface.
- Serial port for control and PC interfacing.
- ISP and JTAG programming ports.
- PS/2 keyboard/mouse port.
- Expansion port header exporting numerous I/O, power, and signal lines for experimentation and mechatronic exploration.
- Exported SPI and I2C buses.
- Two game controller ports (Nintendo DB9 compatible).
- Cost: 139.95 USD

The second one, XGS PIC 16bit, has almost the same features, but it's powered by 16bit PIC microcontroller, running at 40MHz. It costs 159.95USD.

Both these kits are provided with rich equipment (stand-alone programmers, gamepads, cables, manuals etc.)

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