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Two frequency counters with PIC

Two simple frequency counters with PIC microcontrollers.

The first one is made by Wolfgang "Wolf" Büscher, DL4YHF - Here

* frequency range 1 Hz ... 50 MHz (prototype worked up to 60 MHz but this exceeds the PIC's timing specifications)
* four or five digits resolution (display for example x.xxx kHz, x.xxx MHz, or xx.xx MHz)
* automatic range switching with different gate times
* optional addition or subtraction of a frequency offset (programmable)
* optional preamplifier for the input signal
* can be built on a single-sided 'breadboard-style' circuit board
* firmware available for common-cathode as well as commom-anode displays
* very low component count: a PIC 16F628, 4 or 5 7-segment LED displays, a 4- or 20-MHz crystal and a few resistors, optionally one transistor and a few diodes to drive the 5th digit, optionally one other transistor for the preamplifier.
* preprogrammed frequency offset for transceivers with 4.0 MHz IF
* optional (configurable) power-saving mode which automatically turns the display off if the frequency didn't change significantly within 15 seconds

The second one is based on PIC16F84, made by IK3OIL - Here

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