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TV Text display with ATMega168

TV display based on AVR ATMega168 by Ben Ryves.
Photo by Ben Ryves

This library allows you to generate text display on a PAL TV using an ATmega168 @ 20MHz. The video signal generation is interrupt-driven, leaving some CPU time over for your own program. TV signal is black-and-white, generated via two resistors (simple DAC).

# 6×8 or 8×8 pixel character size.
# 32×16 or 24×16 characters, depending on current character size.
# User-definable text viewports, allowing you to clear/scroll "windows" on the screen.
# Flashing cursor (variable refresh rate, runtime-selectable character, ability to be disabled).
# Flag to invert the entire screen (black on white as opposed to the default white on black).

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