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Touch the dsPIC

If you are thinking to move on DSP, maybe dsPIC microcontrollers can be a good start as they have DSP engine built in that allows fast multiply and divide operations with arrays.

This thing may remind you of an Arduino but it’s not, it’s not even an AVR but a dsPIC30F2012. Lots of times I want to try out something, but I’m too lazy to make the whole thing over and over on a breadboard so why not solder it together quick on a pref board so I can just stick it in. And always too lazy to put on RS232, but it’s a great debug so that’s why it’s on the board, actually it’s the only feature that’s built in to the board, because its really the only thing I need.

And what can this dsPIC do? Well it has things like:

* 24KB of flash (CPU write access)
* 2KB of RAM
* 16 Bit 30MIPS CPU
* DSP Engine
* 8 channel 12bit ADC
* 2 PWM Outputs 16 bit
* 1 UART addressable
* 1 Serial (SPI/I2C) up to 30Mbit
* Clock PLL

This is not a high end dsPIC its just a small and easy one. The better ones have 256KB of flash and 16KB RAM, faster CPUs at 40MIPS, 32 ADC channels, 4 UART, 3 serial etc

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