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TellyMate - A Serial-to-TV adapter

TellyMate is a VT-52 compatible terminal display device that takes data from a RS-232 and outputs text to a TV screen, developed by guys from Batsocks.

TellyMate is a cheap and simple (ATMega8 / 16MHz) terminal display with very rich documentation. TellyMate features:
* PAL or NTSC Composite B/W Video
* 38x25 characters matrix
* Runs on a 16Mhz Mega8/Mega88
* 300 to 57k6 baud (8n1)
* Optional Autobauding
* Simple Graphics
* Double width / height text
* VT52 + H19 control codes
Batsocks provides not only source code and schematics, but the ready kits too (price is 10.50GBP).

Link: TellyMate article
Batsocks' TellyMate product

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