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Z80 + ATMega644 as CP/M Boot Loader

Why to prepare an address decoder for specific regions to switch between RAM and ROM? You can use 64kB SRAM chip for the whole space, kickstarted by ATMega. The way shows Ben Ryves.

Z80 System on a Chip

Simple goal: To make a Z80 computer, with an interpreter, video out, keyboard, and some kind of external mass storage.

Emulating a Z80 CP/M computer on ATMega88

Yes, we all know many emulators of old processors "on the chip", but as far as I remember this is the first attempt to emulate a CP/M machine (including Z80) I ever seen.

ZiCog: Z80 in the Propeller chip?

ZiCog is a (or better say: "wants to be a") Z80 emulator for the Propeller chip by Parallax.

Javascript emulators

The emulator of the great machines of the past can be written in (interpreted) JavaScript now...


I'm going to my holidays tomorrow, so here are a lot of unsorted links and references I found in my sources. Some ZX Spectrum-related materials, vintage computer and VHDL tip. Enjoy!

V6Z80P - the "ZX Spectrum version 2009"

Retroleum's terrific Z80-based single board computer. Simply amazing!

Z80 code bits from MICROCode

Some old software from MICROCode for your CP/M computers

Old good times

Remember the old good times with all these amazing computers like ZXS, C64, BBC etc.? Get 8-bit nostalgia now!

Great 8bit projects

Two old good Z80 projects and two vintage 6502 projects by Hackman's Realm. Enjoy the past time...

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