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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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JTAG and SPI AVR8 interface.


AVR-CDC is a pure SW based USB-RS232C interface using the CDC (Communication Device Class) protocol. Although the bulk endpoint required for CDC is not allowed within the low-speed USB standard, it works fine on major platforms.

USB Audio Streamer

A Microchip PIC based USB sound card


Open source USB sensor box

Control stepping motor via USB interface PIF18F4550

This is an example that demonstration how to control stepper motor via USB interface.


The CREATE USB Interface

The CUI provides the necessary electronics to capture sensor input or control actuator output.

1-key USB keyboard

The idea for a 1-key keyboard comes from the need as an interaction designer to make “cheap, quick and dirty prototypes.” When creating a quick screen-based demo in e.g. Adobe Flash, a common way of quickly prototyping physical actions is to assign actions to certain key presses on a keyboard.

Stealth USB CapsLocker

Just a joke for April Fool's Day, but I believe it can be used in some other way.

USB IR remote control receiver

A PIC-based USB connected IR receiver.

USBTenki: USB Temperature, humidity and other sensors

USBTenki is an electronic project to interface sensors to an USB port for collecting weather related data such as temperature.

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