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ftisp: USB-to-ISP Programmer

Ftisp is a command-line utility that allows program AVR processors via an USB chip FT2232 or FT232R.
Ftisp uses the fast synchronous bit-bang features of this chips.

USB-to-LPT converter

There are a lot of devices with LPT (Centronics) interface, but newer computers haven't the LPT interface. Here is a solution...

Photo: Henrik Haftmann

Building a PIC18F USB device

A step-by-step tutorial about creating a PIC18Fxx5x-based USB device.

Super simple AVR ISP USB programmer

An in-system programmer for AVR microcontrollers built with ATTiny44 with virtual USB firmware.

Light reading for a weekend

The time kills me nowadays, so here are links to interesting projects, at least. Enjoy.

Cheap USB pin expander: ExpandIO

ExpandIO-USB is a cheap, driver-free USB I/O expander for software-controlled peripherals.

DIY USB Sound card, vol. II

Another attempt to make an USB sound card based on TI's PCM2704 chip by Miroslav Batek.

Bus Pirate v3 - prototype

The ‘Bus Pirate’ is a universal bus interface that talks to most chips from a PC serial terminal, eliminating a ton of early prototyping effort when working with new or unknown chips. Many serial protocols are supported at 0-5.5volts, more can be added.

(Source: Dangerous Prototypes)

Pinguino - a PIC-based Arduino

Everyone knows an Arduino... For the PIC-lovers, there is an alternative, based on Microchip stuff: A Pinguino.

DS1820 to USB

How to connect 1-Wire device (e.g. DS1820) to the USB via OBDEV's USB firmware for AVR.

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