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Direct connecting: AVR to USB, no HW converters

Some techniques to connect AVR-based device to USB without a specialized HW, just only in the SW way.


A Multi-purpose USB Device with ATMega32

USB AVR programmer

In-system programmer for a lot of AVR microcontrollers

USB OBD2 adapter

This project was begun as a response to build simple ISO9141-2/14230-4 ELM323 compatible USB adapter for On Board Diagnostic (OBD2) monitoring.

InfraHID and InfraLink

Two constructions based on IR signalling.

WinUSB - USB library for PICs from Jan Axelson

WinUSB a generic driver for devices that don't fit a defined USB class. The driver was introduced with Windows Vista and is also usable on Windows XP systems. The driver is not usable on earlier Windows editions. The driver supports control, bulk, and interrupt transfers.

WinUSB is a .NET host application for accessing devices that use the WinUSB driver. Each includes an example INF file to match the device's Vendor ID and Product ID to a device interface GUID. There are two variants - VB.NET and C#


The goal of LCD2USB is to connect HD44780 based text LCD displays to various PCs via USB.

USB joystick

How to build a DIY USB joystick based on ATmega8.

Software-driven USB interface for AVR

How to connect an AVR microcontroller directly to USB without any converter chips?

USBTiny - ATtiny2313 based USB-to-parallel convertor

USBtiny is a software implementation of the USB low-speed protocol for the Atmel ATtiny microcontrollers.

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