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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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Microcontrollers in a nutshell

There are several different levels of microcontrollers and microcontroller systems. Some are very small, chip-size devices to which you have to connect your own electronics. Others are larger, composed of several components and ports for input output, ready to plug right into other devices. Here is a short introduction.

DIY: Sun tracking unit

Show your talent by DIY a Sun Tracking Unit: ScienceProg

Looking for some circuit?

If you're looking for some circuit for your project, try use the CircuitScout external, a specialised circuit diagram search engine. Try to start searching for circuits here instead of Google next time... :)

PC keyboard to RS232 and others...

Hello again and sorry for this intermission (a lot of work, you know...) Here are some tips for you...

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