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2010 Link Flush

Many links flushed at once, or "what I forgot in 2010"...

Ethersex - IPv6 on the AVR

Ethersex is a universal platform to access microcontrolers via IP protocol (including IPv6) and makes a solid base for your own development.

QP: Open-source state machine framework

QP™ is a family of lightweight, open source, event-driven, state machine frameworks and real-time kernels for embedded microprocessors, MCUs, and DSPs.

ChibiOS/RT: Free Embedded RTOS

Free real-time OS for embedded applications based on ARM, AVR, PowerPC, MSP430, x86, Coldfire or H8S processors.

ChibiOS logo

AVRSH: A Command Interpreter Shell for Arduino/AVR.

AVR Shell is a UNIX-like shell for AVR microcontrollers.

Python on a Chip

Do you love the Python language? Do you want to program your microcontroller with Python? Try PoaC - Python on a Chip project.

Portable WinAVR

All you need for AVR programming, running directly from USB memory stick.

AVR prototype board

A new prototype board for AVR 28-pin microcontrollers from Protostack.

Microcontrollers gotchas

A list of AVR and PIC common pitfalls by Ladyada.

Two new models of XGameStation

Nurve Networks LLC, the makers of the Hydra kit and the XGS, released the XGS AVR 8-Bit and XGS PIC 16-Bit development kits, a next generation development kits for the Atmel Mega AVR 8-Bit and Microchip PIC24 16-Bit processors.

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