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SPI2CF - WLAN solution

The complete WLAN solution for AVR and other CPUs.

Author wants his system to be as small, simple and cheap as possible while leaving much of the AVR functionality for other use and allowing fast and reliable WLAN data transfers. The final design was based on a prism chipset based compact flash WLAN card which is connected to the AVR CPU using a programmable logic chip (CPLD) made by Xilinx. Since the CF card is attached to the AVR using the SPI interface the entire system is named the SPI2CF project.


* Reliable CF data transfers
* Simple and easy SPI AVR interfacing
* Fast transfers with low cpu impact
* Homebrew friendly hard and software (all required tools are free of charge)
* Can be used for other compact flash cards as well
* Support for uip TCP/IP stack

Although there are some pitfalls too:

* Requires the ability to flash a CPLD
* Uses outdated WLAN hardware

Link: SPI2CF

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