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Speccy music: one wire singing

Do you remember the old times we listened the noisy sound and believed it's music out there? Let's play the one-bit symphony again!

First of all: Here you can listen to the marvelous ZX Spectrum tunes in the MP3 format. Just for getting the right feeling. :)

One of the most amazing musicians was Tim Follin. His best pieces for Spectrum was (in my opinion) Agent II, Chronos and Raw Recruit.

It's really unbelievable hearing 4 (5? 6? Rumours says up to 7) channels playing together through the one bit "DAC" (on/off), isn't it? And yes, it's a little bit (OK, very) noisy. But still amazing...

And here is that miracle: Follin StarTip2 music disassembled.

Happy coding!

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