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Sound with microcontroller

I found pair of interesting articles about generating sounds (and noises) with microcontrollers in the last days. Here they are...

Arduino sound part 1 external is very good article by the uC Hobby magazine, describing the most used techniques to play sounds with uCs (from the DAC to external MIDI devices or MP3 chips). This article has its successor, Arduino sound part 2 - Hello World external. In the second part the theory of sound generating is described and some basic methods to drive speakers are showed.

ELM magazine brings the Wavetable Melody Generator external article, which describes the wave-table synthesis and its implementation into small, 8-pin ATtiny45.

I remember the old good times with the ZX Spectrum. We all have made our own melody routines, playing up to three tones together (crazy Tim Follin played up to nine) on the single ON-OFF line... Maybe in the future I'll try these methods with some small uC, it would be funny, I hope.

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