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SoftVGA - an AVR VGA display

VGA signal generator and display based on ATMega32.

Cite: This project is aimed at generating an VGA monitor (basic 31.5kHz horizontal, 70 or 60Hz vertical) compatible video signal without using an hardware video generator, neither an VLSI chip, nor 100s of TTL chips, nor an CPLD or FPGA chip. All is done in software, running as "microcode" on an Atmel AVR microcontroller, in my case an ATmega32. The external hardware consists of only 6 resistors which (together with the 75ohm input resistance of the monitor) form 3 2bit DACs for converting 6 bits of PIO port 5V digital TTL output to 3 0.7V analog video signals for the VGA monitor, further 2 bits of PIO for the sync signals, and an HD15 connector.


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