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Small AVR-based TV terminal

Terminal with ATmega8, RS232 interface and TV out by Vasilis Serasidis.

The ATmega TV Terminal is a simple project that connects together a keyboard, serial communication port & TV video output. The idea of course is to make the TV the output terminal. If you're into AVR's this is definitely a project you can learn alot from. PCB schematics, source code & an indepth project write-up are all there.

Display mode: black and white
Text mode: 40 characters x 25 lines
Semigraphic mode: 80 x 75 "points"
Printable characters: ASCII 32 - 127
Keyboard: IBM PC AT compatible
Control characters: 11
Serial line speeds: 1200 Bd to 115.2 kBd
Power supply: 9 - 12 V or 5 V (built-in version)
Current consumption: cca 30 mA + keyboard consumption

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