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SjASMPlus - Modern Z80 cross compiler

SjASMPlus is Z80 Assembly Language Cross Compiler. It is available for Win32, DOS and FreeBSD(mainly 5.x) systems.

SjASMPlus features:

* Z80/R800 documented and undocumented opcodes support
* 3-pass design
* Built-in Lua scripting engine
* Very fast compilation: 1 million lines by 2-3 seconds on modern computer
* Code inlining through colon (LD A,C:INC A:PUSH AF:IFDEF FX:LD A,D:ENDIF…)
* Structures to define data structures in memory more easily (use STRUCT pseudo-op)
* Conditional assembly
* Macro definitions
* Local labels
* User’s messages
* Temporary labels
* Special modes for 8bit computers: ZX-Spectrum 48/128, Scorpion 256, ATM-Turbo 512
* Defines and array of defines
* Fake instructions as LD HL,DE (LD H,D:LD L,E)
* Source and binary file inclusion
* Multiline block comments
* Multi file output and file updating

Link: SjASMPlus

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