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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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Kindle E-books for electrohobbyists

Want some e-books for microelectronic hobbyists? Look at my list of books about Arduino, Processing, ARM and other. I will add new titles as they come on, so stay tuned.
Best viewed with Amazon Kindle e-book reader (buy your own) or with Apple iPad (buy here).

Raspberry Pi - Single board Linux for 25 USD

Wanna have a Linux box (ARM driven, SDHC disc, USB & HDMI+Composite video output) for 25 USD? Try a Raspberry Pi!

Microchip launches first 32-bit Arduino compatible development platform

Digilent's chipKIT™ platform is the 32-bit Arduino-compatible kit.

Projects for TI's MSP430 Launchpad

What should we do with the TI's Launchpad?

Z80 + ATMega644 as CP/M Boot Loader

Why to prepare an address decoder for specific regions to switch between RAM and ROM? You can use 64kB SRAM chip for the whole space, kickstarted by ATMega. The way shows Ben Ryves.

Atmel AVR Studio 5

AVR Studio 5 supports all AVR microcontrollers. Now you can bring all your 8– and 32-bit AVR projects into one, easy-to-use environment.

Gameduino: an Arduino game adapter

Gameduino shield is based on FPGA. Inner software CPU is running at 50MIPS. It can perform various graphics (backgrounds, sprites) and 32 channel sound effects.

MSP430 Launchpad - the cheapest way to MSP430 family

The TI's MSP430 family provides very cheap 16bit uCs with low power consumption.

Z80 Bits

A list of comprehensive and "magic" routines in Z80 ASM - Z80 Bits

2010 Link Flush

Many links flushed at once, or "what I forgot in 2010"...

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