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Rundfunker - an WLAN MP3 player

The Rundfunker is a tabletop mp3 player that scans the WLAN for local audio sources and is able to play shared audio-files.

It has a built-in 2-way speaker system, a LC display and a very simple yet powerful user interface. The device is independent of any external peripheral equipment - all hardware components are integrated into the appealingly designed housing including an exclusive aluminium front panel. All you need is 12 V DC power supplied e.g. by a mains adapter. The Rundfunker is driven by various parts we developped from scratch - such as a customized Linux, operating software implemented in Java and a circuit board for connection of hardware (LC display and buttons).

Rundfunker is an elegant solution for this circumstance. It is a radio-shaped mp3 player that offers wireless access to all mp3s that are shared in the local network and thus isn't subject to the volume-restrictions of the popular mp3 USB sticks with unhandy tiny buttons that nowadays have a capacity of only few gigabytes. Via WLAN the Rundfunker can deal with huge audio-libraries with hypothetically unlimited size.

Link: Rundfunker

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