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Real-time OS (RTOS) for Microchip PICs

A basic real time operating system (let’s call it BRTOS) for PIC microprocessors, written in PROTON PICBASIC environment.

At the centre of BRTOS are a Task Manager and Scheduler which are driven from a real time clock. Around this are a Clock, a Menu and Communications Modules. The code is provided in a number of “Include” files. Where possible these files have been written to be independent of each other although there is an inevitable inter-dependence on some functions.

The application is controlled from a Main module using calls to functions in the include files plus additional logic to reflect the application. The theory is by using some of these include files you can quickly assemble a fresh application without having to re-invent the same wheel each time.

BRTOS (part one)
BTROS (part two)
BRTOS (part three)
BRTOS (part four)
BRTOS (part five)
BRTOS (part six)
BRTOS (last part)

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