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Pyxis - an Arduino OS

The thing I simply can't omit: Pyxis OS for an Arduino.
Pyxis logo

Pyxis OS is an amazing Arduino-based operating system. It adds some pretty impressive features, such as the ability to run programs from an SD card, read/write to a FAT filesystem, and easily display graphics and GUI elements on a color LCD.
Composed of 1 core and 5 libraries, Pyxis OS is brimming with capabilities and features.

You may find useful a Pyxis Studio, an IDE for Pyxis OS. Pyxis Studio is available in free and paid varieties. The free version will only allow you to compile assembly programs into PXE (Pyxis executable files). The paid version allows you to use compile high-level code into PXEs.

Pyxis OS is free and open source software.

Read more: Pyxis OS
Download Pyxis, Pyxis Studio and other utilities at Pyxis Download page

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