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Python on a Chip

Do you love the Python language? Do you want to program your microcontroller with Python? Try PoaC - Python on a Chip project.

This project's goal is to develop the PyMite virtual machine, device drivers, high-level libraries and other tools to run a significant subset of the Python language on microcontrollers without an OS. Please join the python-on-a-chip google group to discuss this project.

* Requires roughly 40 KB program memory and initializes in under 3 KB of RAM
* Supports integers, floats, tuples, lists, dicts, functions, modules, classes and generators
* Supports 23 of 29 keywords and 80 of 112 bytecodes from Python 2.5
* Can run multiple green threads (round-robin)
* Has a mark-sweep garbage collector
* Has a hosted interactive prompt for live coding
* Licensed under the GNU GPL ver. 2

Link: Python-on-a-Chip download

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