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PS/2 keyboard data logger

KeeLog has decided to release an early version of it's hardware keylogger family to the public domain, including full firmware & software source code, keylogger hardware electrical schematics, and documentation.

This PS/2 key logger is a 100% operational and tested device, assembled and used by hundreds of people around the world. Operation of this hardware key logger is similar to the KeeLoggerTM Classic.

The following components are required for the hardware keylogger project:

* Atmel AT89C2051 microcontroller (or AT89C1051, AT89C4051)
* AT24C512 serial EEPROM chip (or compatible)
* 12 MHz crystal
* 2 x 33p capacitor
* 10 uF capacitor
* 10 k resistor
* small push-button

Link: KeeLog PS/2 keylogger

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