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Propeller-based LCD module

I think it's not only the LCD module, but a good Propeller dev kit.

(Source: GadgetGangster web)

The Propeller System Module (PSM) features the Parallax Propeller Microcontroller (MCU) and a 2.4" QVGA (320xRGBx240) TFT LCD display. The Propeller MCU has eight independent cores all running with 80-MHz clock speed. Each of the eight cores executes 20 million instructions per second (20 MIPS) for a total processing power of 160 MIPS. Generally, one core is utilized to drive the TFT display and another core is dedicated to the main program. This leaves six completely free cores, more than enough to utilize all the other devices on the PSM and for many more tasks.

* QVGA 2.4" TFT LCD with 320x240xRGB resolution and backlight
* Propeller Microcontroller running at 80 MHz with 8 independent cores (cogs)
* USB and logic level serial interfaces for control and/or programming
* 3-axis accelerometer to detect device orientation
* Stereo headphone output
* Full size SD card memory expansion slot
* One uncommitted pushbutton
* Eight uncommitted I/O pins
* I2C expansion port
* One uncommitted 8-bit ADC input
* One uncommitted 8-bit DAC output

PSM (Propeller System Module) is available for US$99 on the GadgetGangster page: Propeller System Module

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