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Parallax Propeller

Getting started with Forth on Propeller

How to work with FORTH on your Parallax Propeller board?

SIDstick: vintage tunes in your pocket

The SIDstick is a pocket-sized chiptunes player from Gadget Gangster.

Image: Gadget Gangster web

Cheap Propeller programmer

Parallax sells the Propeller USB stick PropPlug to program the Propeller MCU. Here is an idea how to make the PropPlug from an Nokia data cable.

ZiCog: Z80 in the Propeller chip?

ZiCog is a (or better say: "wants to be a") Z80 emulator for the Propeller chip by Parallax.

MultiBladeProp - multi Propeller computer

The TriBladeProp is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on three Parallax Propeller microprocessor chips.

(Source: BlueMagic.biz/cluso)

Catalina - a free Propeller C compiler

Are you looking for C compiler for your Parallax Propeller chip? Catalina should be the one!

Propeller-based LCD module

I think it's not only the LCD module, but a good Propeller dev kit.

(Source: GadgetGangster web)

Color LCD + touchscreen module by GadgetGangster

I like a Parallax Propeller MCU, it's a really neat hack. And I've found the ultimate source of miscellaneous accessories for Propeller, and much more...

(Picture: Gadget Gangster web)

Morpheus - Propeller-based multicore single board computer

If you are interested in the amazing Parallax Propeller chip, you appreciate the Morpheus: A dual processor Propeller based single board computer.


Simple character terminal for your homebrew computer and other projects, based on Parallax Propeller chip.

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