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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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Kindle E-books for electrohobbyists

Want some e-books for microelectronic hobbyists? Look at my list of books about Arduino, Processing, ARM and other. I will add new titles as they come on, so stay tuned.
Best viewed with Amazon Kindle e-book reader (buy your own) or with Apple iPad (buy here).

MSP430 Launchpad - the cheapest way to MSP430 family

The TI's MSP430 family provides very cheap 16bit uCs with low power consumption.

2010 Link Flush

Many links flushed at once, or "what I forgot in 2010"...

EtherCard - cheap Ethernet module with ENC28J60

The Ether Card is a basic Ethernet interface for use with the JeeLabs' Carrier Board, but you can use it in your own design (or breadboard...)

DIY USB Sound card, vol. II

Another attempt to make an USB sound card based on TI's PCM2704 chip by Miroslav Batek.

Open source hardware 2009

I definitely can't omit this: Make's Guide to Open Source Hardware Projects of 2009. Enjoy!

Do you want to have your very own MCU?

My dream, past in the 80's, was to design and make my own microprocessor. This isn't such impossible as it sounds nowadays, thanks to modern FPGAs.

FPGA Interfacing of LCD module

This project is about interfacing a typical HD44780 Text LCD to an FPGA using delay elements with a Finite State Machine (FSM).

OWFS - One-wire File System

OWFS is an easy way to use the powerful 1-wire system of Dallas/Maxim under Linux.

USB Logic Analyzer

Logic analyzer based on Altera FPGA with USB interface.

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