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Microchip PIC

Control stepping motor via USB interface PIF18F4550

This is an example that demonstration how to control stepper motor via USB interface.


The CREATE USB Interface

The CUI provides the necessary electronics to capture sensor input or control actuator output.

Library for Nokia 3310 display

The library is written in C language and compiled with C30 compiler for the dsPIC family.

M2Eth - PIC Ethernet board

The M2Eth-Board is a circuit to connect our PIC to an Ethernet network

GLCD video emulator

A GLCD emulator - takes commands for common GLCD and places output to the TV.

USB IR remote control receiver

A PIC-based USB connected IR receiver.

Site tip: MCU Space

An interesting site about 8bit MCUs by Microchip.

PICs in Space

Space Invaders on a PIC? No problem...

PIC PAL video

How to turn a PIC18 into a B&W Text & Graphics PAL video processor with a very few and inexpensive hardware, and a minimum of coding effort?

Ethernet controller ENC624J600

Microchip announces new ethernet controller named ENC624J600 - the successor of the well-known ENC28J60.

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