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Cheap keyboard for embedded projects

Do you looking for simple, small and cheap keyboard for your embedded applications?

Password generator

Convert an AVR development board into suitable password maker.

ATmega8-based video overlay

Simple video overlay circuit, built on breadboard? Yes!


The new Atmel's microcontrollers has been introduced - AVR XMEGA.

More stuffs for AVRs

Some interesting things about the AVRs I've found in the last few days. Enjoy!

The Cmd-C&&Cmd-V blog external (cool name, guys) has published an article named Control Arduino remotely with HTML forms external. I've solved something simillar in the past (with an 8052 and CS8900 net chip), so I noticed how the others does these. Don't forget to look around external.

Sound with microcontroller part 2

Long story short: here external is the third part of Arduino Music series (mentioned in the last article).

Sound with microcontroller

I found pair of interesting articles about generating sounds (and noises) with microcontrollers in the last days. Here they are...

PC keyboard to RS232 and others...

Hello again and sorry for this intermission (a lot of work, you know...) Here are some tips for you...

Atmel AVR programmers

A pair of AVR JTAG programmers for hobbyist.

VGA / TV adapter with ATmega

Maxim Rafikovich Ibragimov has published this circuit a few years ago, but it is still very good source of information and inspiration.

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