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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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Raspberry Pi - Single board Linux for 25 USD

Wanna have a Linux box (ARM driven, SDHC disc, USB & HDMI+Composite video output) for 25 USD? Try a Raspberry Pi!


Imagine mbed board connected to Arduino shields... Simple task with mBeduino!
Photo: Ben's Hobby Corner

RBox: A DIY 32-bit game console

The RBox is a game console that is simple enough to build on the prototype area of a LPCXpresso ARM dev kit. You need just a crystal, a few capacitors and resistors. It uses the smallest and cheapest 32 bit CPU to generate 3D graphics and sound.

ARM7 game console

How to build game console based on ARM7 chip?

Image: Craig J. Bishop

NXP kit: MicropendousX

Open Hardware Development Board for Cortex-M3.

Photo from MicropendousX pages

mbed Audio Effects

An audio echo/delay effect “pedal” built around an mbed kit (based on ARM LPC1768).

(Photo: Ivan Sergeev)

Bluescreen SUN - ARM with touchscreen

ThaiEasyElec's Bluescreen SUN (hopefully not BSOD) is a great development kit for embedded devices, based on ARM architecture and LCD touch screen display.

CooCox - the ARM Cortex IDE

CooCox provides a set of free or open-source ARM developing tools, including an OS, IDE and debugger.

ChibiOS/RT: Free Embedded RTOS

Free real-time OS for embedded applications based on ARM, AVR, PowerPC, MSP430, x86, Coldfire or H8S processors.

ChibiOS logo

LPC Xpresso

Another dev board with an LPC ARM microcontroller from NXP - LPCXpresso.

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